Diverib 550 Tourist Title White

The 550 DIVERIB is a modern boat in terms of design with unparalleled ride. The deep V hull ensures trouble-free ride in all weather conditions. Large storage areas and large capacity water tank 90 liters ideal for nautical tourism.

In the manufacturing process wood is never used anywhere except the side the mirror. Fence the stringer and everything is made of fiberglass. So the ship becomes an unparalleled consistency. For the hull we use French and English polyesters.

The motor fuel economy with a 115 Hp engine varies from 0,68 l / mile to 0,74 l / mile for a cruising speed of 28.

For fishing use there is an option to accomodate on the deck an live bite tank.

The wide range of accessories can be found on our company can transform it to your dream boat.
The vessel is covered by 5 years written guarantee.

  • Overall length: 5,50m
  • Overall width: 2,29m
  • Weigth: 510Kgr
  • Displacement: 1450Kgr
  • Min. Horse power: 80Hp
  • Max. Horse power: 140Hp
  • Max. Engine weighth: 200Kgr
  • Gas tank: 140Lit
  • Water tank: FRP 80Lit
  • Number of passangers : 6
  • Inflatabe tubes material: Hypalone – neoprene ORCA 1670 DTEX
  • Number of air chambers: 5
  • Air chambers diameter: 0,43-0,40m
  • Air chamber pressure: 0,24Bar
  • Design category: C
  • Gas tank 140 lt
  • Full set of cushions
  • General switch (both)
  • Automatic bilge punp 750 gal/hour
  • Water pressure pump
  • Suspension in each storage compartment cover
  • Cable, cage, steering well (Heavy type)
  • Swim ladder
  • Electrical instalation
  • Deck gutters 2 x 1,5”
  • Windscreen and roll bar for the console
  • Bucket seats
  • Teak Burma deck covering
  • Emergency engine base
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • Polyester ice refrigerator with insulation
  • Perking cover
  • Sun tent
  • Bed wood extension with cushions
  • Radio MP3, Speakers
  • GPS – Plotter
  • VHF
  • Led lighting in staorage compartments and to deck
  • Live bite tank